Authorized by General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China and Guangzhou Municipal Authority,Guangzhou Yue Sui Customs Declaration Company was come into existence in 1991,and was the earliest state-owned customs declaration company in Guangzhou.The company employs more than 100 experts nowadays,and gains support from import and export companies and San Zi enterprises(namely,solely foreign-funded enterprises,Sino-foreign joint ventures and Sino-foreign cooperation enterprises)through long-term and friendly cooperation.Since the day it was established,Guangzhou Yue Sui Customs Declaration Company has enjoyed high prestige,and was granted the tight of “Clearance First than Levy”by Guangzhou Customs.In January,2007,the company is evaluated by China Customs Brokers Association the “China Hundred Best Customs Declaration enterprises”.
  The head office of the Company is located in Haixin Street,Shipai Lu West,Guangzhou.In order to meet the demand of the development of import and export in Guangdong Province,the Corporation also has agencies in Bai Yun Airport,Tianhe railway Station,Neigang, Xinfeng Gang, Baiyun Districs,Nansha,Shawan,Shiqiao,Container Yard in Huangpu Development Zone,Huangpu Laogang,Xingang,Shenzhen Huanggang,WenjinDu,Yantian Gang,Nantou,Shekou,etc.
  Moreover,the Corporation also engages in data input,conrtacts registration and verification,declaration insulation,proxy inspection and quarantine,warehousing and trandsportation etc.
  “Clearance according to Law,Service come First”is the aim of Guangzhou Yue Sui Customs Declaration Company.It will,as always,devote itself to offering convenient and best service,and welcome guests to negotiate business with it.

Contact telephone numbers and addresses:


Guangzhou Yue Sui Customs Declaration Company

Add:#2,4,6,8 Haixin Street,Shipai Lu West,Guangzhou,China

Tel:86-020-8551 6870

Huangpu Container Port Agency:

Add:Rm A205,#183,Dongjiang Lu East,huangpu Development Zone

Tel:86-020-8222 3715

Office of General Manager:

Add: #2,4,6,8 Haixin Street,Shipai Lu West,Guangzhou,China

Tel:86-020-8750 7629

Shiqiao Agency:

Add:Rm 418-419,West building,Qinghe Lu East,Panyu District,Guangzhou

Tel:86-020-8469 9270

Office of Vice manager:

Add: #2,4,6,8 Haixin Street,Shipai Lu West,Guangzhou,China

Tel:86-020-8750 7443

Shawan Agency:

Add:Parking Lot,Xianyong Customs,Shawan,Panyu District,Guangzhou

Tel:86-020-3473 1580

Luogang Agency:

Add:Liucun north,Luogang Zhen,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,China

Tel:86-020-8551 7871

Nansha Agency:

Add:1/F,Customs Building,Nansha Dong Quay,Nansha District,Guangzhou

Tel:86-020-8468 4660

Xinfeng Agency:

Add:Xinfeng Gang,#7 Duobao Lu,Guangzhou,China

Tel:86-020-8170 6323

Nansha Xingang Agency:

Add:Rm 317,Port Building,Longxue Island,Nansha District,Guangzhou


Neigang Agency:

Add:1/F,Customs Building,# 122 Gexin Lu,Guangzhou,China

Tel:86-020-8431 6040

Wenjin Du Agency:

Add:Rm 315 Exportation Declaration Hall,Wenjin Du,Shenzhen

Tel:86-0755-2512 6996

Baiyun Airport Agency:

Add:Rm 228,Customs Building,Baiyun Airport,Guangzhou,China

Tel:86-020-3607 0630

Nantou Agency:

Add:21/F,Customs Building,Nantou District,Shenzhen

Tel:86-0755-2784 8762

Tianhe Railway Station Agency:

Add:1/F,#1,Dongzhan Lu,Guangzhou,China

Tel:86-020-6130 8535

Huanggang Agency:

Add:#116-117,Exportation Declaration Hall,Huanggang,Shenzhen

Tel:86-0755-8337 3891

Lao Gang Agency:

Add:Rm 107,#80,Gangwan Lu,Huangpu,Guangzhou,China

Tel:86-020-8228 9518

Yantiian Agency:

Add:Rm 1115,Harbor Building,Yantian Gang,Shenzhen

Tel;:86-0755-2529 2525

Xingang Agency:

Add:Rm 222-226,Tower B,#8,Xingang Lu,Huangpu Development Zone

Tel:86-020-8220 9162

Shekou Agency:

Add:Rm 619,Marine Transportation cetre,Thing Class District west,Qing Hai bay ,Shekou,Shenzhen

Tel:86-0755-8217 2296